Friday, January 10, 2014

Lord, I Need You - A Song of Intimacy

There's something about music that draws me more toward God and exemplifies how he makes me stronger in my faith despite how weak I am without him. To me, music is very much therapeutic as well as expressive; it's often how I feel the Holy Spirit move in me. I also find that music has this way of opening me up more to love and prayer. More often, a set of inspired lyrics just hit me at the core, and I just know it. It’s naturally for me to be singing along when I know that deep down, that is what I feel.

“Lord, I Need You” is a song that is initially recorded by Matt Maher, a Canadian-born, contemporary Christian artist who is based in the States. The song’s lyrics are very powerful and intimate, and I find this sense of comfort when I hear or sing it. I feel this nudge in me as though God is saying, “Hey, everything’s okay. We are back and stronger together. Just like how I was with my Son through his death and resurrection and as I have promised the people of Israel many times before, I will always be with you; don’t ever forget that.” This song is among many that bring in this spiritual intimacy within me. Why music does that for me, I can never really say other than that’s just a way for me to be more easily intimate and connected with my Creator. Below, I have added the official lyric video to the song. May God deliver peace and joy within your soul and shower you with grace and love.