Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fall 2015 - So Far

Me with my friend and MSVUSU president, Justin (left)
         I know it's been a few months since the last time I wrote here; I had been a bit occupied over the summer. However, I am already on the journey to see what God has in store. Also, I have come across a few new things and people recently, which is rewarding in and of itself.

Senior Orientation Leaders of 2015 @ the Mount
         Last month marked the beginning of what may be my final year as a Mount student. I've often said to a lot of my friends that this would be a bitter-sweet period for me as it means the end of a prominent chapter in my life. My Dad has even commented to me in a recent conversation about how much I've grown since I started my Mount journey, especially in terms of social skills (that's a plus). As I have done in the past, I became a senior leader for Orientation Week. It's been a fun experience getting to show new students how fun and not-so-scary university can be, especially when you have awesome friends to have your back. Also, looking back from this, I see that I have no problem interacting with these people, though what I'm most excited about is what God is doing on campus.

The MSVU Christian Fellowship at Kingswood Camp for the NS Fall 2015 retreat
         I was recently out for a retreat with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship where we had students from many of the Nova Scotia campuses come out to learn and reflect on the injustices both on and off campus and what God might be asking us to respond. Our scriptural text was John 1: 1-18, where we see Jesus being described as the Word and the light, and why he came to dwell on the earth. What has been striking my mind is the word, "witness," because we're looking at ourselves like John as witnesses to the light. So, how am I being a witness to the people around me? Or am I acting as a witness? That may be a bit complicated, but I'm hoping that I live out my life authentically, making sure that people know that there is hope in the world.

         Anyway, that is what was happening during my little hiatus from writing (Man, I miss doing this). I'm going to be trying to do more on writing and reflecting on thing I'm learning. Who knows? Maybe I'll start incorporating more videos here in the future. But in all that I'm doing right now, and what I will do in the time that follows, I'm hoping to make it as an act of worship to my God and be open to his voice.

Stay classy, party people!