Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Light of Christmas

Ah Christmas, it's a season filled with love, joy and peace...

"WAIT a minute? PEACE?" you say. "What's so peaceful about Christmas? I love Christmas, but it's gone all commercial and retail has made it even more crazy."

Yes, Christmas has become, and still is, quite commercial since people have discovered how far others will go just to find the perfect gift, and sometimes just to cross a name off a list. But what is the REAL meaning for this season? What's is the reason that Christians celebrate Christmas again? Well, just to be rather obvious, by taking off -mas, you get "Christ".

In Luke 1: 26-38, we see the closer foreshadowing of Jesus' coming birth through Mary as she was visited by the angel Gabriel and accepted her given favour. In relation to this story, Joseph was visited by an angel in a dream in Matthew 1: 18-25, where after learning that his wife-to-be was carrying Christ (the Word coming into flesh as talked in the first chapter of John), accepted his role to help raise the child. It took faith for them to do what they did at the time, and faith is something that we must hold onto this season.

The magi mentioned from Matthew 2 probably didn't come to Jesus until He was probably two years old, which would explain why Herod would order every baby boy two years and under to be killed after the magi deceived him. As for the gifts, they were meant as a way to love their love and appreciation for the Messiah's arrival. To give a gift should mean that you're giving from your heart.

So, this Christmas, remember that as Jesus is the light of the world, He is also the light of Christmas. Here's a little video clip featuring a fun new Christmas song that emphasizes more on what I'm communicating.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!