Sunday, February 3, 2013

Being Lost and Categorizing People

I went to church this morning and my pastor was preaching in part on the parable of the lost sheep. Just thinking about it made me reflect back to what I had been wading from the book, "More Ready Than You Realize", and how it talked about being lost. I often think that I can still be "lost", even with the right tools, which also makes me more aware of what kinds of terms I should be using when reaching out on campus. I do feel that we should try to avoid in-grouping and out-grouping people; it just seems so degrading. Now, I understand what it means when the Bible says that God doesn't really show favouritism.

The whole concept of in-groups and out-groups being talked about in the book also reminded me of the "blue eyes vs. brown eyes experiment" that I learned about in an introductory psychology class. The purpose of it was to show how favouritism and discrimination affects societies as a generalization. I do feel empathetic towards those who have been excluded; it's not a fun position to be in at all.

I think what God wants us to learn from this is that by being a bit careful with what we say and do, and by putting our full trust in him, we will appear to be safer, more accepting people who can discuss about spirituality, and help others discover that there is someone who loves them so deeply...without making the situation worse for everyone. There are a lot of spiritual people out there, just like us, and we need to remind ourselves that we can be just as lost as they are if we were to take our focus away from Christ.

If any of what I say helps or inspires you, feel free to share this with your friends. Keep your focus on God and keep on moving with him. Peace out, people!